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King & Queen B Vapor Bear Allstar, US

posted 07.16.2014

While I wasn't terribly impressed with the first flavor I tasted from King and Queen B, their melon blend called Empress, I was hopeful that the next flavor in line, Bear Allstar would provide a different experience. The vendor says it's a strawberry gummi flavor with some extra ingredients added, and from the first taste, the additional component I taste is not so much a... Read on

Timeless Vapor Bliss, US, 50/50 PG/VG

posted 07.16.2014

There can be little doubt that the folks over at Timeless know what they're doing when they get to mixing juice. Of the juice I've tasted from them, which includes more than those I've reviewed here, they have all been, at the very least good, some have been stellar. So when I opened up this bottle of Bliss and smelled strawberry right off the bat, my anticipation level rose a... Read on

Hooligan Vapes Blueberry Crumble Pie, US

posted 07.16.2014

After sampling the first of the new flavors that Hooligan sent over, I was looking forward to the next in line, Blueberry Crumble Pie. While I enjoy all types of juice in what little personal vaping time I have, fruits and desserts are almost always occupying a good portion of my rotation. Flavors like pineapple upside-down cake, apple pie, and this juice, flavors that bring those two... Read on

Vapor Bank Djjango, US

posted 07.16.2014

After a good, but not spectacular showing from the first juice I reviewed from Vapor Bank, Snozzberries, I was curious to see what else they had sent over. I picked up the bottle of Djjango, along with my Duke, I topped it with a dual coiled Nimbus, built with 28ga Kanthal coils on xc-116, and got to work. After Snozzberries, I was hopeful this juice would knock my socks off, and while... Read on

Strix Elixirs Frozen Tundra, US

posted 07.16.2014

From super sub-Ω coils to the DNA-30, there is definitely a faction of the vaping community that thrives on extremes. I don't say that in any sort of accusatory fashion, I'm as guilty as anyone else with my Duke mod and love of high wattage vaping. That being said,Strix's Frozen Tundra is a juice of extremes. In the vein of MBV's Extreme Ice and DB Liquid's... Read on

Strix Elixirs Hazelnut Cookie, US

posted 07.16.2014

The next bottle in line from Strix was one I thought I would really enjoy. While my personal preference has no impact on the outcome of these reviews, it's always a nice bonus when I have an opportunity to work on something that will not only review well, but is a juice I wouldn't mind spending a little extra time with as well. Admittedly, I'm not always in the mood for the deep,... Read on

Vapor Bank Kandy Krush, US

posted 07.16.2014

After the first couple of reviews from Vapor Bank were good (but not great), I was hopeful that the next flavor in line from them, Kandy Krush, would be one that showed off a bit more of a skillful hand for mixing. I had just finished rebuilding my Nimbus atomizer, so I grabbed the bottle, my Duke mod, and I settled in for the first tasting session of Kandy Krush. I was expecting a variation... Read on

Taste Vape Lemon Key Lime, US

posted 07.16.2014

After wrapping up my review for Taste's Vanilla Custard, I was eager to see what else they had in store. The custard, a juice I initially thought was simply okay, was one I strangely couldn't help myself from coming back to, until I finally polished off the scant remnants before moving on to the next bottle awaiting review, their Lemon Key Lime. Citrus blends aren't exactly... Read on

Timeless Vapor Monster Berry, US, 50/50 PG/VG

posted 07.16.2014

I was rather excited to hear that a new batch of Timeless Vapor juice was headed my way for review. The first few flavors I had tasted were quite good, and not run-of-the-mill combinations I see so much of. A perfect example of these less common blends is this juice Monster Berry. Usually when a berry mix comes across my desk, it tends to be a riff on the blueberry/strawberry theme,... Read on

Henley Psychotherapy, US

posted 07.16.2014

For a very long time, New York City had been a veritable vaping wasteland. In a sprawling metropolis like the Big Apple, a city burdened with a smoking rate close to 16%, how was it possible that vaping had not yet made any serious headway with the city's smokers as late as 2013? Enter the Henley Vaporium (among others), a hip vaping lounge looking to turn the city's smokers into... Read on

Vapor Bank RY4, US

posted 07.16.2014

It would seem as if there are as many different RY4 varieties as there are grains of sand on a beach. From the traditional caramel and vanilla laced tobaccos, to the more tobacco-centric RYs that utilize the sweeter notes in a more reserved fashion. Then there are the more dessert like RYs, laden with heavy doses of gooey caramel flavor and sweet creamy vanilla. Recently, we've even... Read on

Karmic Vapor Strawberry Fields, US, 50/50 PG/VG

posted 07.16.2014

The first couple juices I tasted from Karmic were very good, not mindblowingly extraordinary, but still very good. Both were fairly complex, multi-tonal, dynamic blends, so I was looking forward to seeing what Karmic could do with something a bit more straightforward, and Strawberry Fields seemed like the perfect opportunity. I grabbed the bottle, a freshly coiled Atomic atty, and a fully... Read on

Smoque Strawberry Lemonade, US

posted 07.16.2014

When it comes to submissions these days, I don't see a whole lot of new things anymore. Whether it be the standard plastic bottles, the clear, blue or amber glass, they all pretty much look alike, and I learned a very long time ago not to judge a juice based on it's contained. Some of the finest liquids I've tasted have come in hard plastic bottles with leaky tops, and some of... Read on

Smoque Vanilla Custard, US

posted 07.16.2014

As I've found myself saying quite a bit recently, custard flavors are in. Similar to the way that Pluid spawned a deluge of anise/citrus blends in the not too distant past, the immense demand and sporadic scarcity of Grant's Vanilla Custard has led to more than a handful of vendors introducing their own vanilla custard e-liquids, with varying degrees of success of course.... Read on

Smoque Watermelon Ice, US

posted 07.16.2014

Watermelon Ice is a flavor I hold near and dear to my heart. While I always enjoyed my fruity flavored e-liquids, particularly peach and melon blends, it wasn't until I discovered my first watermelon ice style juice, over a year after I began vaping, that I was absolutely certain I would never crave another cigarette again. It was my first ADV, and a flavor combination I still mix for... Read on

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